Adelaida District · Paso robles

A Family Owned Vineyard

May 2018

Dan & Nazee came across a home on a hilltop overlooking the rolling hills of Paso Robles surrounded by grape vines. It was called Seven Quails and was just too good to be true.

The number seven has immense significance to this family. It started with seven children from two families that would soon cross paths.

One is Dan, who was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. At the age of 20, he hopped in his 1981 baby blue Oldsmobile Cutlass and headed West to California with the hopes of landing a job in civil engineering.

Another is Papa – the Man, Myth, and Legend of Seven Quails Vineyard. He was born in Iran, had a family of 4 children, and eventually headed to Idaho to pursue a degree in Forestry. In 1978, the Iranian Revolution hit the Middle East. Papa and his family remained in the US without turning back.

Papa can be found in the vineyard in Paso Robles tending to his trees, plants, and lush 20-year-old grapevines with his son-in-law, Dan, and his daughter, Nazee.

What once was a distant aspiration and passion for owning a vineyard has now become this family’s mission to craft the fondest wine for all to enjoy. Seven Quails is about bringing people together – telling stories, having a laugh, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Sit back, have a glass, and enjoy.

This is the story of the Rix’s and Sharifi’s vineyard. From our beloved vineyard to your table.


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